Remote Roulette

Chat with other remote workers, make new friends and stay sane

How it works

Get matched up with another remote worker.

Avoid loneliness by having someone to check in with

Share your wins and struggles with someone new

So basically you sign up and then I send you and another person who both an email. You are then free to contact each other and decide how you want to connect.

You must be aged 18 or above to use this service.

Sarah, NYC

Sarah is a Software Engineer working from home for the first time. She wants to have someone to chat to while she gets her work done.

Paul, San Francisco

Paul works in Digital Marketing. He has been told he has to work remotely because of the Corona virus. He wants to be able to check in with other people and stay focussed.


Who made this?

My name is Pete and I started working remotely last summer. After the novelty wore off I found it could be pretty lonely working on my own after being used to working with other people and having some chat during the day. So I decided to solve my own problem and create this solution to link remote workers together.

Why sign up?

Working in isolation can be pretty hard. Having a friend who is doing the same will help you stay sane while working through your todo list.

This way you can arrange chat, keep each other accountable or just someone to share how your day is going.

How will I communicate with my Remote Roulette pal?

After you are introduced by email you are free to keep in touch any way you please! Whether that's by video chat or whatsapp or email, it's up to you.

What happens to my data?
I will not sell your personal data to third parties. For the purposes of connecting with another remote worker, your email will be shared with one other person so you can talk. For European users, this website is GDPR compliant. I use Simple Analytics (affiliate link) which does not store cookies in the browser so that's why there is no annoying pop-up.

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